Body at Rest (Self-Portrait)


19" × 49" × 49.5"

wood, screws, fabric, embroidery thread, pattern hook

filed in: 2021 Wood Object

I see fashion design and patternmaking as methods of mapping and constructing bodies. Sometimes it feels as though our bodies are rigid and immovable as if they were wooden frames dictated by underlying bone structures. At times, achieving certain desired shapes feels impossible. Though our living bodies move through many sizes with breath and life; a single number is written down.

My piece uses wooden boards and screws to construct a reclining frame of myself derived from bodice and skirt blocks drafted to my measurements. From the center rests a soft fabric embroidered with the grid markings of patternmaking paper.

a wooden frame in an abstract shape leans back on two wooden legs. From the center of the shape, a pattern hook hangs. A white fabric hangs from the patternhook
an image of a white fabric draped from a patternhook. small "+" signs are embroidered into the fabric in a grid-like manner
a close-up image of wooden pieces joined together.
a side view of the piece "Body at Rest." The wooden frame rests at slight angle