Tuning; west wind; 2.1–2.6


13 min 25 sec

glove, rice, steel, pheasant feather, wind

filed in: 2022 Time Performance

For about a month of my life, for every hour I was awake, I logged the direction in which I was facing. To standardize the measure, I specified this to be the direction in which I was breathing. At the end of the month, I discovered that I was a primarily South-facing person. I began to question what it might mean to retrace this bodily orientation.

I assigned each cardinal direction a note and attempted to train myself to associate turning myself towards each direction with each note. Then, blindfolded, I tuned myself to a series of directions retracing the orientations of February 1st to February 6th using only the a large industrial fan blowing from the West to locate myself.