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2023 如意 As You Wish http://prairie.website/HaiWenLin.html
2023 Sonatina No.1 a bamboo scaffold holding an arrangement of objects composed through improvisation
2023 Sunday, April 2nd 5:13–7:31pm Large cyanotype kite garment flown in the nude at sunrise.
2023 Changing of the Winds A folding screen that doubles as an aeolian harp.
2022 Wearing Winds a garment worn during a meditation that becomes a kite
2022 Navigation Buoy image of a buoyant steel shape in the middle of a lake that has what looks to be a ceramic candlestick holder tied on top of it. Stuck within this holder is a long reed with leaves tied at the top of it in the shape of an X A navigational marker buoy constructed of a reed and leaves gathered in the environment.
2022 An Ordinary Anthology an image of the back cover of the ordinary anthology being held in the artist's hand Newspaper collecting mundane words, stray thoughts, and images from early in the COVID-19 pandemic
2022 Chudi Yin 觸地印 An array of chemigram process photographs arranged such that lines of highlights create the image of a hand pointed downward. An array of 132 chemigrams arranged in the image of the Earth-touching gesture.
2022 Lumens A lumen print of a plant exposed outside during a light summer rain. A series of unfixed lumen prints captured at the Penland School of Crafts.
2022 Natural Negatives A solarized and selectively developed photographic image of a leaf that has Chinese characters poked out of it. Small 35mm specimens of nature put through a photographic enlarger.
2022 Four Explorations in Fashion Design The artist wears a hand-dyed rectangular draped top made using itajime block-resist dyeing techniques. Two tops, a pair of shorts, a dress, and something weird I wanted to make!
2022 A 30 Minute Walk on a Sunday Morning Through Wicker Park a kite flies against a blue sky and green field. The kite has six tails flying from it. A cyanotype kite made from patterns for a romper.
2022 green exhale, strike the rock A circular shaped mirror is shattered and lying on the grass. A shattered mirror sits on the grass.
2022 pour bright winds, exit a lake a set of mirrors in the shape of a bodice lies under some shallow water. Water laps over the mirror. The blue sky can been seen in it. A mirror in the shape of the artist's body is placed in Lake Michigan
2022 Untitled a colorful rainbow circle sits in the middle of a room. A circular sculpture built of air and flecks of paint. It seems to breathe.
2022 Tuning; west wind; 2.1–2.6 An attempt to tune my body using only the wind as a point of reference
2022 Untitled (Death Kite) The artist is on a beach flying a kite. The kite does not fly very well. A kite formed by patternmaking blocks fit to the artist's size.
2021 Sitting South The artist is photographed from a distance wearing all black and seated on a wooden chair. Their face looks towards the right side. They are facing south. There is a lake behind them. A photo series in which the artist is seated in various locations, always facing south.
2021 Orientation Two bodies appear to be playing the game of twister with their hands and feet on top of a game mat. The mat is designed such that the circles are instead aligned to the 8 cardinal directions rather than a simple array Two bodies grapple with the act of orienting and disorientating.
2021 Body at Rest (Self-Portrait) a wooden frame in an abstract shape leans back on two wooden legs. From the center of the shape, a pattern hook hangs. A white fabric hangs from the patternhook a wooden frame built in the form of patterns drafted from the artist's body
2021 After Chen, After Schiaparelli, After Dalí a pink tulle glove covered by lobster shells sits on top of a white fabric draped over a circular surface a pink tull glove designed by Simon Chen covered by lobster shells
2021 Varada / hinþaną It is a golden color patchwork of fabric pieces formed into the shape of a hand with red fabric emerging from exposed seams. The hand is pointed downwards and mounted on a wall with the palm facing the viewer in varada mudra. a fabric hand held in the varada mudra position
2020 深黄 (Dark Yellow) a self-portrait of the artist painted on 180 squares stitched together. various squares of bright yellow mask the face a mosaic self-portrait made of 180 squares
2020 Project Upcycle A model poses with a dress. They are holding up two sides of the dress revealing heels. A bright orange piece sits on top of the black dress. an upcycled gown made from clothes from Goodwill
2020 Pith Three individuals wearing large green tetrapanax papyrifer leaf-inspired dresses three dresses inspired by the tetrapanax papyrifer plant and a poem
2019 19 Pigs, More or Less various printed images, drawings, and photographs lay on a red velvet with light streaking over it photographs, recipes, and documentation of a Chinese New Years celebration
2019 Seeds of a Grapefruit Front and back cover of a book titled "Seeds of a Grapefruit." There is an image of a grapefruit. 52 instructional poems, written, performed, and documented by the artist
2018 , after Julián a black and white photograph hung against a wall with a blue garment draped on it costume inspired by the children's book "Julián is a Mermaid"
2018 2A.M. Gumbo: Age23 front and back cover for the book Age 23. On the cover is a beveled shape in the form of the numbers 23 a year in the life of the artist
2018 wear, wore, worn a front and back view of a jacket hung on a clothes hanger. On both sides, images of a nude person is painted on it. self-portrait painted on made-to-fit muslin
2017 The 10 Letters Project Cover of the book "The 10 Letters Project" by Jason Lin and Adeline Ang. The cover has many mailing stickers pasted on it including U.S.A. international stamps and customs declaration forms. The book is bound with a string closure. an exchange of letters between two friends from America and New Zealand
2016 Wallace a photo of various scraps of paper and cut-outs of the typeface Wallace. There is a brush pen, and a booklet with the words "Wallace" on it. 16-style font and type specimen inspired by evolution
2016 ANDROGYNE A black and white image of a figure at the end of a fashion runway with an audience of people on either side of it. The model's face is obscured by a sequin covered mask and a wears a black and white outfit that exaggerates the bicep and thigh muscle areas of the model. small collection of black and white garments that play with, combine, and deconstruct gender norms
2015 Fritz An abstract amorphous fabric blob standing in a field of darkness visual exploration of the psychological phenomenon of social perception and apparent behavior