Wearing Winds


dimensions variable

cyanotype on fabric

filed in: 2022 Fiber Photo Garments Object Kites

A collection of kites that cycle between wearing and flying. As cyanotypes, the sun records the wearing of each object before it is taken off of the body and fitted with spars to be flown.

a hand holding a kite reel made of copper leafed wood with an enameled copper plate

October 3rd 6:58-7:56am Oak Street Beach, I woke you up in the morning // I’m sorry

63” × 58” × 5”

tannic acid-toned cyanotype on muslin, acrylic, bamboo, thread, gold chain, brass, ceramic, wind, time, sand, the first light of the day, a lapping lake, the sound of traffic, a breath expanding the solar plexus, and another, and another,

October 8th 2:56-3:56pm Wicker Park; a picnic together // we probably shouldn’t feed the sparrows

63” × 63” × 5”

tannic acid-toned cyanotype on muslin, acrylic, soda ash, bamboo, thread, gold chain, wind, green grass, time to kill, hungry sparrows, turbos flamas, a loved one to keep company, conversations that needn’t arrive anywhere

October 18th 2:30-3:01 Butler Park; sitting with seeds in my lap // remember when we went to eat breakfast at Kasama in autumn and collected these tulip poplar seeds along the way // we spent the morning speaking in bad Chinese,

80” × 72” × 10”

green tea toned cyanotype on muslin, polyester, bamboo, PLA, thread, gold chain, wind, tulip poplar seeds, autumn leaves, broken sticks, a chill in the air, a sun behind the clouds peeking past the branches