pigment on a a surface






2022 Chudi Yin 觸地印 An array of chemigram process photographs arranged such that lines of highlights create the image of a hand pointed downward. An array of 132 chemigrams arranged in the image of the Earth-touching gesture.
2022 Untitled a colorful rainbow circle sits in the middle of a room. A circular sculpture built of air and flecks of paint. It seems to breathe.
2020 深黄 (Dark Yellow) a self-portrait of the artist painted on 180 squares stitched together. various squares of bright yellow mask the face a mosaic self-portrait made of 180 squares
2018 wear, wore, worn a front and back view of a jacket hung on a clothes hanger. On both sides, images of a nude person is painted on it. self-portrait painted on made-to-fit muslin