papers, posters, photocopies, that which uses the technology of reproduction






2019 19 Pigs, More or Less various printed images, drawings, and photographs lay on a red velvet with light streaking over it photographs, recipes, and documentation of a Chinese New Years celebration
2019 Seeds of a Grapefruit Front and back cover of a book titled "Seeds of a Grapefruit." There is an image of a grapefruit. 52 instructional poems, written, performed, and documented by the artist
2018 2A.M. Gumbo: Age23 front and back cover for the book Age 23. On the cover is a beveled shape in the form of the numbers 23 a year in the life of the artist
2017 The 10 Letters Project Cover of the book "The 10 Letters Project" by Jason Lin and Adeline Ang. The cover has many mailing stickers pasted on it including U.S.A. international stamps and customs declaration forms. The book is bound with a string closure. an exchange of letters between two friends from America and New Zealand