light, captured






2022 Wearing Winds a garment worn during a meditation that becomes a kite
2022 Chudi Yin 觸地印 An array of chemigram process photographs arranged such that lines of highlights create the image of a hand pointed downward. An array of 132 chemigrams arranged in the image of the Earth-touching gesture.
2022 Lumens A lumen print of a plant exposed outside during a light summer rain. A series of unfixed lumen prints captured at the Penland School of Crafts.
2022 Natural Negatives A solarized and selectively developed photographic image of a leaf that has Chinese characters poked out of it. Small 35mm specimens of nature put through a photographic enlarger.
2022 green exhale, strike the rock A circular shaped mirror is shattered and lying on the grass. A shattered mirror sits on the grass.
2022 pour bright winds, exit a lake a set of mirrors in the shape of a bodice lies under some shallow water. Water laps over the mirror. The blue sky can been seen in it. A mirror in the shape of the artist's body is placed in Lake Michigan
2021 Sitting South The artist is photographed from a distance wearing all black and seated on a wooden chair. Their face looks towards the right side. They are facing south. There is a lake behind them. A photo series in which the artist is seated in various locations, always facing south.
2018 , after Julián a black and white photograph hung against a wall with a blue garment draped on it costume inspired by the children's book "Julián is a Mermaid"
2015 Fritz An abstract amorphous fabric blob standing in a field of darkness visual exploration of the psychological phenomenon of social perception and apparent behavior