Project Upcycle


Worn by a 5'5" model

wedding dress, rain pants, purse chain, black dress, upcycled polyester

in collaboration with: 3S Artspace
filed in: 2020 Fiber Garments Experiments

I was invited to participate in Project Upcycle, a runway event that brings multiple New England fashion designers together to create a gala-worthy look using clothing donated from Goodwill.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Project Upcycle was instead held virtually. A large box of Goodwill clothing was shipped to each designer’s home where they were then given 24 hours (split across two 12 hour days) to design a full-body look.

A model poses with a dress. They are holding up two sides of the dress revealing heels. A bright orange piece sits on top of the black dress.
Front view of the Project Upcycle garment. There are two large four-pointed star-shaped shoulder pieces with four-pointed petal-like shapes in the middle of them. There is a bright neon orange geometric bottom piece on top of a long flowing black dress.
backside view of the Project Upcycle garment. Two four-pointed star shaped shoulder pieces stand over a white shiny corset piece that is tied at the back with green fabric. The dress is black with a bright neon orange geometric shape on top.
A flower-shaped neon orange motif is sewn on top of a matted grey fabric. From the center of the motif, a long gold chain is attached.
A close-up image of a bright orange fabric that has a black drawstring running through it.