threads, filaments, that which is significantly longer than it is wide






2023 Sonatina No.1 a bamboo scaffold holding an arrangement of objects composed through improvisation
2023 Sunday, April 2nd 5:13–7:31pm Large cyanotype kite garment flown in the nude at sunrise.
2022 Wearing Winds a garment worn during a meditation that becomes a kite
2022 Four Explorations in Fashion Design The artist wears a hand-dyed rectangular draped top made using itajime block-resist dyeing techniques. Two tops, a pair of shorts, a dress, and something weird I wanted to make!
2022 A 30 Minute Walk on a Sunday Morning Through Wicker Park a kite flies against a blue sky and green field. The kite has six tails flying from it. A cyanotype kite made from patterns for a romper.
2022 Untitled (Death Kite) The artist is on a beach flying a kite. The kite does not fly very well. A kite formed by patternmaking blocks fit to the artist's size.
2021 Orientation Two bodies appear to be playing the game of twister with their hands and feet on top of a game mat. The mat is designed such that the circles are instead aligned to the 8 cardinal directions rather than a simple array Two bodies grapple with the act of orienting and disorientating.
2021 After Chen, After Schiaparelli, After Dalí a pink tulle glove covered by lobster shells sits on top of a white fabric draped over a circular surface a pink tull glove designed by Simon Chen covered by lobster shells
2021 Varada / hinþaną It is a golden color patchwork of fabric pieces formed into the shape of a hand with red fabric emerging from exposed seams. The hand is pointed downwards and mounted on a wall with the palm facing the viewer in varada mudra. a fabric hand held in the varada mudra position
2020 Project Upcycle A model poses with a dress. They are holding up two sides of the dress revealing heels. A bright orange piece sits on top of the black dress. an upcycled gown made from clothes from Goodwill
2020 Pith Three individuals wearing large green tetrapanax papyrifer leaf-inspired dresses three dresses inspired by the tetrapanax papyrifer plant and a poem
2018 , after Julián a black and white photograph hung against a wall with a blue garment draped on it costume inspired by the children's book "Julián is a Mermaid"
2018 wear, wore, worn a front and back view of a jacket hung on a clothes hanger. On both sides, images of a nude person is painted on it. self-portrait painted on made-to-fit muslin
2016 ANDROGYNE A black and white image of a figure at the end of a fashion runway with an audience of people on either side of it. The model's face is obscured by a sequin covered mask and a wears a black and white outfit that exaggerates the bicep and thigh muscle areas of the model. small collection of black and white garments that play with, combine, and deconstruct gender norms