Sonatina No.1


variable dimensions

bamboo, yarn, ceramic, steel, leaves, flower, silk, shell, light, shaddow

filed in: 2023 Fiber Wood Metal Installation

A collection of objects balanced across a precarious scaffold. This is a collection of histories, of research, of care. Find within it: bamboo, hand-dyed yarn, pattern hook, tent stake, ceramic, bell, steel, zinnia from Nozomi, lemon leaves, rubbing, hand-carved wooden hand, rocks from Qixingtan, rock from Taroko Gorge, indigo-dyed hand-twisted cord, curtain cord, copper, wood, shen bei, bamboo basket, feather, silk organza, millinery wire, snow queen oakleaf hydrangea leaves, mica from North Toe River, shell from Lake Wesserunsett, light, shadow.